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Custom and Groups

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Custom and Groups

Specializing in Custom Adventure Travel Vacations in Panama

Our Panama trips are highly customizable. Whether you’re planning an exotic honeymoon, an adventure vacation for your family, or a backpacking trek, we are eager to tailor your trip itinerary to reflect your unique desires, goals, and budget. Your trip cost varies with your trip length, your choice of destinations, and your preferences for lodging and dining. So don’t be shy. Contact Us today!

*Please Contact Us for special group pricing.

TopFamily Adventure Vacations

Buena Vista Boquete – Featured Lodging – “The Best Views in Town!”

Distance from office: 1km/.6mi – $12 – $110 – Brand new and budget-friendly, we’ve chosen Buena Vista Boquete to partner with our custom and group tour packages.  Buena Vista in located just over .5 mile from our office and has the only rooftop patio in downtown Boquete with 360° views of this gorgeous mountain town.  Offering both single beds in a comfortable dorm with balconies, private rooms with bunk beds for up to 5 people, and private rooms with balconies for 1 to 6 people depedning on the room, Buena Vista provides diverse accommodations to the needs of our diverse client.  Every room has a beautiful view, free Wi-Fi with Smart TVs, and access to the rooftop patio.  Buena Vista also offers a shared kitchen so that you can have a quick morning breakfast before heading out on your Boquete Outdoor Adventure tours!  Add on lodging to your tour package for even greater discounts on your Panama vacation! Be sure to inquire into our lodging and tour packages. See a few examples here. For the best rates, book Buena Vista Boquete through us or with Buena Vista Boquete directly here.  Otherwise, you can book Buena Vista Boquete through  Click Here for Website. 

Family Adventure Vacations in Panama

For families who enjoy challenging themselves in the great outdoors, there is no destination more extraordinary than Panama! Recognized as one of the most biologically diverse locations on earth, Panama is host to a diverse array of wildlife as well as ecosystems, and recreational opportunities are boundless.

Boquete Outdoor Adventures, located in the highlands of the Chiriqui Province, has the experience, knowledge and professionalism and geographic proximity to both the Caribbean and Pacific, to tropical cloud forests, rainforests, mangroves, mountains and beaches, to customize a one-of-a-kind itinerary. This itinerary can encompass a variety activities, such as sea kayaking, surfing, whitewater rafting, night hiking, day hiking, island hopping, whitewater kayaking, ocean sport fishing, canopy zip lining, horseback riding, birding, and sightseeing.

Please take a look at our Multi-Day Tours to find information about a perfect vacation for your family.

We provide sample itineraries that emphasize our most popular destinations and activities, but your Panama family vacation should reflect your family’s specific interests, desires, goals and budget. The best possible way to ensure that your family enjoys a unique and extraordinary Panama vacation is for you to actively participate in the customization of your trip. So don’t be shy. Tell us what you want.

Please Contact Us to customize a one-of-a-kind, hassle-free, extraordinary outdoor adventure vacation for your family!

TopGroup and University Excursions

Panama Group and University Excursions

We define a custom group as two or more people who want an exciting, one-of-a-kind, hassle-free vacation. Whether you’re planning a graduation trip, an adventure for your school’s outdoor rec or language immersion program, or a summer getaway for you and a few of your closest friends, we will customize your trip itinerary very specifically to meet your desires, goals, and budget.

Because Panama is host to such a diverse array of wildlife and ecosystems, recreational opportunities are boundless. We have the guides, gear and logistics nailed down to customize an itinerary for your private group that encompasses a variety of environments and activities such as sea kayaking, snorkeling, whitewater rafting, hiking, and island hopping. With Spanish language and cultural immersion opportunities abound, we can also add an educational component to your trip to diversify your Panama experience.

*Please Contact Us for special group pricing.

Custom Group Vacations in Panama

We do offer set itineraries that emphasize our most popular destinations and activities and are happy to provide you with an itinerary. But our highly-customized group vacations have always been the most successful trips. We invite you to participate not only in customizing your itinerary of activities, but also in pricing your lodging, dining and transportation. We’ll assist you in every way possible, whether you prefer exotic retreats, spa treatments, exclusive hotel stays and fine cuisine or prefer to backpack across Central America with more affordable lodging and dining options. We can run trips as short as one week or extended trips of two weeks or more.

Regardless of cost, we operate all of our trips with the same dedication to professionalism and service, providing provide complete logistical information with regard to activities, location and trip length in addition to recommending the lodging and dining options that best fit within your budget and palette. Our goal is for you to have a unique and extraordinary Panamanian vacation.


Calling All VOLUNTEERS With a Sense of Adventure!

For those volunteers with a sense of adventure, Boquete Outdoor Adventures offers local environmental projects in the Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park to accompany your adrenaline pumping tours! These service projects range from sea turtle nesting preservation, mangrove reforestation, to river and island clean ups, and we never charge extra for volunteer participation in these service projects.

For volunteers looking for other service projects, Boquete Outdoor Adventures can also direct individuals or groups to service projects that meet their interests with one or more local service-oriented organizations, including the Panamanian Red Cross, Contextual Solutions, Unexpected Moments of Magic Foundation, Boquete Rotary Club, and the Golfo de Chiriqui Parque Nacional.