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Boquete Dog Camp

Boquete Dog Camp Logo

The Boquete Dog Camp is an excellent place for volunteers to contribute to the local canine community. Javier and Magaly, a couple from Peru, animal rescuers, vegetarians, and animal lovers, have established a large property as a no-kill shelter for the dogs of Boquete. They rescue abandoned and abused dogs, educate the local families about responsible pet care, and rehabilitate dogs to be ready for adoption into their “forever homes”.  To help cover daily expenses, they offer affordable boarding services and doggie day care and training. They average around 35-45 dogs at one time at the facility.


  • Rescuing abandoned and abused dogs
  • Rehabilitating dogs and puppies
  • Educating local families and schoolchildren
  • Adopting into ‘forever homes’


How can you help at Dog Camp? We at Boquete Outdoor Adventures have partnered with Dog Camp to set up volunteers, either single travelers or groups, to assist with the daily functions at the Dog Camp or complete major projects. So far, we have built three large roofs to provide protection from sun and rain, additional shelter facilities, and an agility course with platforms, ramps, jumps, a see-saw, and a tire tunnel. Please contact us to set up volunteer opportunities.


  • Building shelters from rain and sun
  • Constructing an agility training course
  • Strengthening fencing and the facility
  • Creating training and socializing areas
  • Community outreach and adoption events
  • Dog-human relationship and trust building
  • Leash training and yard cleanup


If you would like to donate to the cause, you can contact us at Boquete Outdoor Adventures and we will set you up with the best way, with either dog food, puppy food, dog kennels, dog beds, collars, leashes, vitamins, supplies, or a monetary contribution which would be greatly appreciated to cover some costs.


  • Dog food (Pedigree, Dog Chow, Alpo, Kirkland)
  • Medicine, vitamins, blood tests
  • Tick treatments and flea shampoo
  • Vet visits and Vaccinations
  • Spay/Neuter Clinic


  • Construction materials (zinc roofing, steel posts and beams, welder)
  • Fencing, paint, acrylic sealer, brushes, wood pallets, screws, nails, etc.


  • $132 per dog initial medical treatment (blood tests, medicine, vet visit, vaccines, spay)
  • $155 monthly medical expenses for 35 dogs
  • $928 total monthly expenses for 35 dogs at Dog Camp

DONATIONS ACCEPTED (you can help us!):

  • Dog and puppy food (Pedigree, Dog Chow, Alpo, Kirkland)
  • Dog kennels and dog beds
  • Leashes and collars
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Monetary contribution


If you live in the Chiriqui Province and are looking for a new addition to the family, a dog from Dog Camp will become your new best friend for life. There are between 35-45 dogs at Dog Camp at any one time. If a dog is adopted, then a space becomes available for a new dog to be rescued from abandonment or abuse. If you would like to adopt, please contact us and we can send more information.