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About Us

Team BOA

We have hand-picked our guides with your enjoyment, comfort, and safety in mind. Our team is a well-rounded group of both local Panamanians and folks we’ve imported from the States. By combining local talent and knowledge with the professional standards and qualifications that you’ve come to expect, we have an outstanding staff of experienced, knowledgeable, professional guides who value your trip experience as much as you do!

Our team lives and works IN Panama. We know the destinations, hotels & tours like the back of our hand. With over a decade in business, we know our stuff!

We Aim to Please

The goal of our staff is to make your trip an awesome experience. Whether paddling world-class whitewater, hiking the cloud forests, searching for the Resplendent Quetzal, or exploring the ruins of Old Panama, your needs and goals are our primary concern. We have a professional commitment to offer you an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, hassle-free adventure vacation! We know that the success of our business depends on your satisfaction, and we aim to please!

We Value Your Safety and Ours

Because adventure is a primary component of what we do every day, safety is of the utmost importance to our business. We invest in extensive trip preparation and guide training. Our guides maintain certifications in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. By staffing each of our trips with professionally trained, knowledgeable, and confident guides and instructors, we enable you to explore, play, and really push your limits. When warranted, we seek the expertise of other professional guides and experienced, licensed operators to ensure that your trip is a success.

The Birth of BOA

Panama has developed a reputation as a premier tourist destination and Boquete Outdoor Adventures (BOA) is one of the leaders in creating memorable vacations for those who visit. Whether enjoying the rugged beauty of Boquete and the Chiriqui Highlands, whitewater rafting, snorkeling or sport fishing in the crystal waters along the coast, Boquete Outdoor Adventures has established itself as leader in Panama adventure and travel.

For nearly a decade, BOA has created unforgettable Panama vacations for thousands of tourists. Founded in 2004, the company helped to support a surging demand for adventure tourism in this incredible country. With its professionally-trained and certified guides, BOA is a leader in providing vacation trips that are both fun and safe.

The Chiriqui Province

Within its borders, the Chiriqui province offers the opportunity to travel from the mountains to the sea, from cloud forests to rainforests, from mangroves to pristine white-sand beaches, all in a single day. This geographical diversity, coupled with an abundant variety of plant and animal life, provides visitors with countless options for enjoying their time here and BOA has been instrumental in making those exciting Panama vacation adventures possible.

Panama boasts of more than 1,600 miles of oceans coastline, and the Chiriqui coast is among the finest available. The waters here are teeming with some of the finest world-class fishing, including species such as black marlin, yellow fin tuna, and red snapper. The great surf is also well-known throughout Central America and Panama surfing is regarded as some of the finest in this part of the world.

Moving inland, the abundant rains and soaring elevations of the Chiriqui Highlands create plenty of opportunities for whitewater kayaking and excellent freshwater fishing. The rainforests are filled with over 1,000 species of birds and animals, allowing for exciting mountain bike tours, hiking in La Amistad National Park and some of the finest birdwatching in Panama.

Volcan Baru

Majestic Volcan Baru offers hikers its once-in-a-lifetime view of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans from the summit. For those who simply enjoy the beauty of nature, the town of Boquete is renowned as an outstanding international tourist destination and the top place to retire in Panama.

No matter what type of adventure a visitor seeks, with its intimate knowledge of the region and the use of the professionally trained guides, Boquete Outdoor Adventures is sure to create a spectacular adventure vacation.

Experienced Team

Your experience and happiness is our number one priority. Through a unique combination of local expertise and global service levels, we are able to provide our clients with something no one else can— the greatest memories.

Tailored Vacation

We believe that every one of our clients should be treated uniquely. Like a bespoke suit, we can tailor a vacation that will fit you perfectly. You probably don’t go away on a vacation every week, so why not do it right?

Happiness Guaranteed

We are so confident in our service, we are willing to guarantee it. Our customer led philosophy means that we are never more than a phone call away and will do everything we can to resolve any issue to your complete satisfaction.