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Media Mentions and Partners

Take a look at the mention of Boquete Outdoor Adventures in the media, travel blogs, and newspapers, in addition to all of the outside booking travel agencies and tour companies who book directly with us. If you have written about us, our would like to be a partner, please Contact Us.


The Travel Experts:

USA Today Travel

“Travel Tips in Panama”

Whitewater rafting is one of the more thrilling activities in Panama. Boquete Outdoor Adventures offers three rafting tours that range from beginner to advance. These eight-hour tours travel to the Chiriqui Province where there are more than 35 rafting rivers. See Article

Fodor’s Travel

“Boquete Travel Guide”

Chiriquí has Panama’s best white-water rafting, with many rivers to choose from during the rainy season (June–November). Only one river—Río Chiriquí Viejo—is navigable during the December–May dry season. Boquete Outdoor Adventures offers multisport trips that combine rafting, kayaking, island tours, hiking, and tree trekking. See Article

Trip Advisor

“Boquete Outdoor Adventures”

Boquete Outdoor Adventures is Panama’s premier provider of amazing whitewater rafting trips, as well as cloud forest hiking, island trips with snorkeling and sea kayaking, coffee tours, zip lining, whitewater kayaking, bird watching, humpback whale watching, horseback riding, and hiking or 4×4 Jeep tours of Volcan Baru. Located in the gorgeous mountains and slopes of Volcan Baru, Boquete is an eco-traveler’s paradise. See Article

Lonely Planet

“Boquete Outdoor Adventures”

This recommended, reliable outfitter offers quality rafting trips (US$90) and tailored vacations ideal for families. Its sport fishing adventures on the Golfo de Chiriquí are value-priced (US$600 to US$800 for four passengers). Guides are bilingual and the company uses local service providers. See Article


Travel Articles:

Wherever I May Roam Travel Blog

“Birdwatching – Boquete, Panama” 2015

The birds were amazing and the sounds of all their songs in the silent forest was just magical.  John, “the” guide at Boquete Outdoor Adventures led our group of 7 on a wonderful day full of excitement and education making for my first bird watching tour. See Article

Listen and Learn Blog

“Top 8 Family Friendly Activities in Panama” 2015

This is the perfect outing for families with older kids who are looking for something adventurous. Day trips with Boquete Outdoor Adventures include hiking through cloud forest, a riverside lunch, and lots of whitewater action. See Article

The Life Nomadic

“Where Would You Like to Go?” 2014

The river has some really good rapids and is blissfully uncrowded. You might see monkeys doing monkey things in the trees along the river, and there are sloths hanging around too. Even if you’re not that into rafting simply lazing around on the river and ogling the sexy scenery is a day very well spent.

A shameless plug this is not, but I really like Boquete Outdoor Adventures for this tour. Jim and his crew are very, very good at what they do and they run a first class outfit. You really can’t go wrong with any of the tours and activities that they offer. See Article

Heather and Scott’s Adventures

“Boquete, Panama” 2013

The day before we were going to leave, the owner of Boquete Outdoor Adventures stopped us on our bikes to ask where we had been riding. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, he had convinced us to join him on a whitewater kayaking trip the following day. The only reason we agreed was because he offered up his 2-person inflatable kayak, while the rest of the crew used rafts. It was hilarious and frustrating trying to work together to maneuver the kayak. Scott wanted to go through the biggest gnarliest rapids/holes/pour-overs and I wanted to find the calm line just outside of them – just like it used to be when we kayaked. Scott calls my style the window shopping approach. See Article

Panama Simple

“Whitewater Rafting Panama” 2013

Finding a dependable vendor with quality equipment and an excellent safety record is a must. Boquete Outdoor Adventures is based in Boquete and is highly rated on Trip Advisor. Jim Omer, owner of Boquete Outdoor Adventures says, “We have all the logistics nailed down and we have the most experienced, best trained, bilingual guides as well as top quality equipment for your comfort and safety.’

Rafting in Panama is Suitable for Families

There are some great advantages to River Rafting in Panama. First, the water is warm, so if you get bounced out of the raft you won’t freeze, which could make the remainder of an outing rather unpleasant. Second, family members as young as five years old will find the experience exciting. Even more timid youngsters are made to feel comfortable and safe. Experienced guides will sit a hesitant child right next to him or her so they have someone to trust if they need reassurance, and everyone ends up with big grins after shooting a few rapids.

Third, Panama is rich in wildlife, and spotting wildlife during a river rafting trip is common. Even if you don’t spot howler, capuchin, or squirrel monkeys in the trees along the river, everyone sees a variety of birds. Mr. Omer adds, “There are over 900 bird species in Panama, more than Canada, the United States, and Mexico combined. Toucans and hawks are typical of species spotted from our rafts.” See Article

The Tico Times

“The Cutest Town in Panama” 2013

The region also has some of the best river rapids in the country. With everything from baby Class II rapids to terrifying, un-raftable Class Vs, the region’s most rafted river, the Chiriquí Viejo, a 2-hour drive from Boquete, has a little something for everyone.  Boquete Outdoor Adventures offers a wide variety of rafting and kayaking trips. See Article

Matthew Magellan Travel Blog

“Whitewater Rafting – Boquete Outdoor Adventures” 2012

The tropical scenery reminded me of Jurassic Park – all tropical scenery does – except that instead of dinosaurs we saw plenty of tropical birds with long legs watching us quizzically as we tempted to navigate the river, a few enormous iguanas perched in the trees, and even a boa constrictor or two, quietly balled up in branches hanging over the river, clearly waiting to drop on ignorant river rafters….If you’ve a day to spare in Boquete, whitewater rafting is the tour I recommend most highly for the adventurous sort. See Article

2 Backpackers – Latin American Travel Resource

“Discover Boquete Panama” 2010

During our stay we enjoyed whitewater rafting on the Old Chiriqui River, visited rustic hot springs and spent a day on the Island of Gamez in the Gulf of Chiriqui.  Boquete Outdoor Adventures is one of three outfitters in Boquete; we booked both our whitewater rafting and Gulf of Chiriqui excursion through them.  We encourage you to hire their services during your visit.  They are very well organized with well trained guides that focus on customer service. See Article

Carri Willbanks

“Boquete Outdoor Adventures Rafting” 2010

YAHAAA!!! HIGH FIVE! (With paddles). We made it down the first rapid. No big deal. My new rafting buddy told me I better make sure to hang on tight for the next rapid. She was on her second rafting trip with Boquete Outdoor Adventures, and knew the drill, so I listened in, tucked my foot in tight and focused on the white capped water. See Article

I Should Log Off Travel Blog

“Review – Boquete Outdoor Adventures” 2009

Our guides, Demus and Jose were excellent, really experienced kayakers who knew how to have fun on the river. The guided us down without babying us and despite my hesitations (my previous river run was awful), they made sure we challenged ourselves. Although they were professional and focused on safety, it was more like kayaking with friends who knew the river rather than paid guides, which made the experience even better. The Rio Chiriqui was a pretty straightforward Class III at lower levels, and we were able to read and run most of the sections without a problem. See Article

The Denver Post

“Hats off to Panama” 2008

Only slightly larger than Ireland, the narrow isthmus may qualify as North America’s best-kept adventure-travel secret, unrivaled on our continent in its diversity. Despite being the thinnest landmass between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Panama contains about 480 rain-fed rivers tumbling from the flanks of countless mountains surrounding the high point of the dormant 11,400-foot Baru Volcano, just outside Boquete. See Article


Travel Agencies and Operators Who Work With BOA:

Anywhere Panama

“Whitewater Rafting”

The Río Chiriquí is one of Panama’s top whitewater rivers. It winds through the highlands of western Panama and surges through dense tropical forest. This tour offers travelers of every skill level – from beginners to more advanced paddlers – the chance to raft this storied river. See Article

Aventuras Panama

“Chiriqui Viejo River Rafting”

Class III rapids. The river does move fast with a drop of 120 mts during the 10 km of the trek, a average drop of 12 mts per kilometer. Recommended for everyone with or without any white water rafting experience. Be ready to have fun. Depending on water level we will raft for about two to three hours. See Article

Barefoot Panama


If you are looking for a heart-pounding glimpse of what makes Panama’s White-water famous around the globe, look no further! The Río Chirquí Viejo is a must-do for you! See Article

Bar Travel

“The complete guide to traveling the world in Hebrew”

Planning a trip to Europe, USA, Thailand, Costa Rica, Canada, Australia? You are at the right place!  In this travel guide, you can find information required to plan a successful trip. Useful Articles. Thousands of links, by countries and subjects, like: Transportation, accommodation, attraction and much more. English Website or Hebrew Website

Costa Rican Vacations



G Adventures


While the canal put the country on the map, there is another Panama few know about: sandy-beached islands on both coasts, steamy jungle rainforest cut by pristine waterfalls, and cool, misty mountain valleys spread with coffee plantations and framed by volcanoes. The narrowest point of a land bridge between North and South America, Panama shares the biodiversity of both, making for world-class birding and wildlife viewing. Steep, rugged mountains mean the white water is wild. See Article

Heidi’s Travel

“Boquete, Panama”


Intrepid Travel


There’s more to this Central American nation than the mighty Panama Canal, and travelers lucky enough to end up in Panama will be delightfully surprised by the uncrowded beaches, sensational surf breaks, magical rainforests and splendid colonial towns. It’s high time the world’s wanderers added Panama to their adventure agendas. See Article

Keteka – Community Based Adventure Travel

“Whitewater Rafting in Panama”

Panama has developed a reputation as a premier tourist destination and Boquete Outdoor Adventures is one of the leaders in creating memorable vacations for those who visit. Whether enjoying the rugged beauty of Boquete and the Chiriqui Highlands, whitewater rafting, or sport fishing in the crystal waters along the coast, Boquete Outdoor Adventures (BOA) has established itself as leader in Panama travel. See Article

Keteka – Community Based Adventure Travel

“Horseback Riding in Boquete”

For nearly a decade, BOA has created unforgettable Panama vacations for thousands of tourists. Founded in 2004, the company helped to support a surging demand for adventure tourism in this incredible country. With its professionally-trained and certified guides, Boquete Outdoor Adventures is a leader in providing vacation trips that are both fun and safe. See Article

Keteka – Community Based Adventure Travel

“Dos Jefes Organic Coffee Tour in Boquete”

Majestic Volcan Baru is home to Boquete Outdoor Adventures and offers hikers its once-in-a-lifetime view of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans from the summit. For those who simply enjoy the beauty of nature, the town of Boquete is renowned as an outstanding international tourist destination and the top place to retire in Panama.

No matter what type of adventure a visitor seeks, with its intimate knowledge of the region and the use of the professionally trained guides, Boquete Outdoor Adventures is sure to create a spectacular adventures vacation. See Article

Panama Vacations


The twists, dips and dives of Panama’s watersheds make for an exciting and fun paddling adventure. Surrounded by incredibly lush greenery and biodiversity, feel the rush on one of the country’s world-class whitewater runs in a Class III or IV rapid with expert scouts and top-of-the-line equipment. See Article

Red Frog Villas and Resort



STA Travel


Fly to David and travel north to Boquete where a plethora of outdoor options await, including numerous hikes and whitewater rafting or opt for a tour of a coffee plantation. See Article



See Company

XPlora Panama Tours

“River Rafting”

Adventure vacations are more popular than ever, and a white water rafting trip in Panama can easily become the highlight of your trip. You’ll get to choose from a wide variety of tours available in Boquete. You can go on an exciting white water river rafting adventure, fly through the air on the zip-line canopy adventure, or perhaps tone it down a bit and instead take a coffee tour, a horseback riding tour, or go birdwatching. See Article


More BOA Mentions:

Sailing Decision

“Travel Links”

Based out of Boquete, Chiriqui Province, Panama, Boquete Outdoor Adventures offers a wide range of recreational and outdoor outings and tours. Their expertise includes white water rafting, hiking, day trips, coffee tours, and fishing trips. Sailing Panama Chiriqui Gulf Island Tours is pleased to partner with Boquete Outdoor Adventures and highly recommends their services. See Article

Hostel Trail

“The Latin American Hostel Network”

Boquete Outdoor Adventures (BOA) is a great option for anything adventurous in the Chiriqui provence of Panama. Based in Boquete and run by James Daniel Omer, the outfit is truly professional with safety and comfort of their customers being the number one priority for all guides and all trips. See Article

Boquete Travel Guide

“Tour Operators in Boquete, Panama”

See Article

Travel Panama News

“Boquete Chiriqui”

See Article

Anglo Info: The Global Expat Network

“Adventure Sports Panama City”

Boquete Outdoor Adventures: Rafting, kayaking, adventure vacations, Tree Trek (zip line) and hiking. In Chiriqui. See Article

Tnfsh (Tuna Fish) – Backpacker Reviews and Discounts

“Boquete Outdoor Adventures”

Boquete Outdoor Adventures organizes excursion in and around Boquete like rafting, kayaking and island tours. See Article